This is the 11th sprint (Early December 2019) of our digital product design and development journey. Glass octopus is our journal of how we design and develop our digital product, as transparent as we can. We hope our story helps you in your startup journey, and as a message to all digital entrepreneur that you’re not alone in your journey.

Steady, Steady, Steady

It took us 22 weeks, or roughly 5 months to truly understand our capabilities, limitation, and finally more realistic timeline of our plan. Things have moving on now, but we still need to pay attention with our limited resources. Aurora and me need to focus now more than ever.

Aurora Assa

In the midst of handling our client in operation assistance service, we still do the preparation and improving our own product and rules for our services. Since just two of us in the team, we learn to do effective progress and scheduling our time so every little thing can still manageable.

Last week I'm back to prepare my course script for operation video courses. This prompter will help me in the recording process. Actually I want to do this recording live, without a prompter. But since it contains with lots of videos, I better be prepared.

Since a few of it is ready, I will set schedule to do the video recording. Sometimes it's hard to set the schedule since usually, we should handle another urgent thing, but if we are not starting it now, we won't have the course to sell. So I'm ready! And will do update about this progress later.

Hendri Augustine Sugiarto

Surprisingly, things are getting busier now. I thought December would be the least busy month but I’m glad I’m wrong. Those ‘urgent things’ Aurora mention just above is our Strategy and Operation services. You see, we were about to ditch all our services and rely on completely online income but that proof not as easy as we thought.

Balancing between cashflow, product development, courses & guidelines, maintaining clients, and maintaining our digital presence at the same time with just two of us is definitely challenging. Technically, we can accelerates all our process by accepting an investor and hiring bunch of people, but Aurora and me agree not doing so before we really need and ready.

For now, my task is to better maintain both the balance and progress of each thing, according to their priorities. We’re not that fast of a ship, but I think we do pretty good for such two person team :)

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