This is the 10th sprint (Mid November 2019) of our digital product design and development journey. Glass octopus is our journal of how we design and develop our digital product, as transparent as we can. We hope our story helps you in your startup journey, and as a message to all digital entrepreneur that you’re not alone in your journey.

Help others to help you

Aurora Assa

First two weeks in November, I help Hendri in rechecking our published articles. From that Hendri can setup the SEO part for each article and republish it again. Yes, we are in the step of cleaning and set up our digital presence. Renew and refresh it so our traffic will boost up. Still many things to do, after our set of templates for operation and launch published and sell in our shop, we are in the process of preparing our online course.

In the service part, we help our client goes to IPO. This is one of our services in operation assistance part. You can read the story about it in the upcoming article. We learn so much in the process of it, more or less six months we should be able to go through all incubation process. Hope all goes well :D

Hendri Augustine Sugiarto

This sprint has been a success! I drown myself (in a good way) on RPS long term and short term SEO. I adjust RPS website to more reflect where we want to go (that is fully online), launching our first templates set for operation and product launch. It's been few weeks since I start doing this and I can see the minuscule results, and its a good one. Still, this is a long game that will take months if not years. Being patient helps a lot.

On the other side, we are helping our client to push harder for their product launch. I figured I need to make an article to explain in depth how we helped them, but oh the sluggish prevent me from doing anything! For now, I have to focus on completing all the posts and create what we have planned for months: get the online part up and start making money from it!

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