This is the 9th sprint (Early November 2019) of our digital product design and development journey. Glass octopus is our journal of how we design and develop our digital product, as transparent as we can. We hope our story helps you in your startup journey, and as a message to all digital entrepreneur that you’re not alone in your journey.

Patience is a virtue

With only Aurora and me on RPS, we need patience more than ever. There’s so much to do and yet so little time. But the thing about quality is you can not shortcut it. Well technically you could but we’re not going into technical mode here. We on RPS agree that we would not take a shortcut, and that quality needs time. Being said, our first step of the product has taken a shape: template and guidelines.

These templates and guidelines are our first step out of three to create our digital product. We’ve been doing these for quite a while and often get distracted by other priorities (ahem, getting revenue so we could continue to build this product), but it’s finally there. It’s not quite as beautiful as how I want it to be, but that’s also fine because the seek for perfection often leads to Fear of doing anything (FODA). And we want to avoid FODA like a vampire avoiding garlic.

You can take a look at it at the shop (discounted of course as this is our first launch). Here’s to moving forward despite our fear of failure! 🥂

Aurora Assa

If I can shake up a bottle of coke and spill it into all tax documents as my celebration, I will do it. But no, I won't make any mess in my working space. Oh really, I'm so happy because finally, I can finish my task in the company's tax part. I finished it in only two days. And now I can move to another task in November without thinking about how should I finish the remaining task in the tax part. This is my achievement for this month.

In the sales part, in two weeks I contacted more or less 450 persons as my follow up after TechinAsia event. There are still 40% of the total database to be contacted next. Slowly but sure, I believe it can produce a good result. The key is persistent. Besides that, I'm still handling Operation Assistance for one client. We just closed our second milestone in their product development. And now we start to do the third phase.

After up & down moments in October, we ready to do our best progress in November. Hi November, please be nice!

Hendri Augustine Sugiarto

I got myself back into the SEO world again this sprint. I have to admit it took some time to refresh, plus there are so many changes from I left a few years ago. Plus, we haven’t done a single thing to properly set our website and digital presence. This is our analytics overview when we start in July👇🏼

That’s darn low traffic, but it’s a good place to start doing what we are preaching. I enroll in this fine article of Mangools blog about SEO in 2019 and have been doing the daily grind of it. If you follow our web you can see how we are progressing over time. I’ll make sure to update the progress (and the process) in the blog section. Apart from that, we are also helping one of our long term client to get into IPO starting next week. We’ll share the entire story on a separate entry.

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