“One great talent is better than 4 mediocre talent”

Recruiting the best talent becomes the real hard work these days. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment is expected to grow by each year at 0.7 % from 2016 to 2026. This prediction is faster than the prior decade and it means the jobless rates are getting lower. So there’s a big competition right now in finding talent for your company. Therefore, you need to step up your recruitment way for the competition. One great talent is better than 4 mediocre talent. However, how to get them to work for you? You need to understand what makes them tick, where to find them, and what would appeal to them.

They Believe in Company Goal

Great talent doesn't work solely because of the financial rewards, but also because they believe in your company goal. They are willing to compromise on financial rewards if they really believe in your goal. You may want to promote your company goal and value as convincing as it gets. By focusing on goals and core values, The CEO of Postmark, Manish Chandra, maintains that a company will "find people who are symbiotic and synergistic with your mission, who really connect to your mission." For great talents, working together towards company goal gives more motivation than just having a good salary.

However, you also need to listen for what they’re looking for career-wise. They usually have career goals of their own and want to know if you can help them achieve their objectives. So don’t be afraid to promote what your company can offer to them, but at the same time be honest. With the communication goes both ways, you can also see their understanding of your company goal and core values. This will also determine the future of your work relationship with them.

Great Talent Led by Great Leader

Great talent needs to be lead by a great leader. Only a diamond can sharpen a diamond. You can start by talking to the people in your own networks who are exceptional leaders. They may not be candidates themselves, but they are the ones who are far more likely to know those candidates by name. They may offer you their own prodigy. You will find most of the great talents from under the wings of the great leaders through their referral/promotion.

You Rarely Find Them on Job Board

The best talent has rarely seen on job board. They are busy diving deep into their area. You will better found them on forums and gathering specific to their area. Online communities are one of the best places to find great talent, especially when you’re looking for a specialized one. You have to look or post about the job vacancy in the right place. For example, if you’re looking for a tech position, posting to the job board will get you people with general skills. Then when you post to a site like Reddit, Github, or Dribble who have over 103 million combined profiles will get the job opening viewed by tech talent who have the skills for the position. The chance to find the great one is bigger.

The other way is to look for them in events. The nonpressurized surrounding in an event is a great way to meet people in the right industry and promote your business. It will also be your chance to grow your network. Naturebox co-founder Gautam Gupta revealed the importance of networking: "You've got to cultivate your network so whenever you have a hire to be made, you can reach out to people who have worked with those types of folks before and fill that role very quickly."

They Love Challenge

Challenge, a sense of greater purpose beyond themselves appeals to them. They long for a constant challenge that could enrich them, push them forward. You can give the people with great talent a challenging and interesting work as a test to get into your company. Show that you trust them to get it done. When they’re already an employee in your company, you still have to challenge them even more. They would love to be challenged in order to step up their own abilities or even for enjoyment. Let the best talent grows, so your company will grow vastly as well.


Finding the best talent is harder than finding a mediocre talent. However, each company has to start somewhere in improving their recruitment process. The tactics and opportunities detailed here are your best bets for recruiting the best talent you need. If you can find them and convince them to join your team, they could be the key to your company success. They can help your company to grow faster. People with the best talent will also create a workplace that fulfils your needs and the needs of your potential and current superior employees.

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