“You Can Either Be The First, The Best Or Smarter for Your Business To Be Successful.”

Everyone in the business industry wants to win; they want to have the freedom of flexible working hours with the hope of conquering the market. Unfortunately, building a business is a tricky thing. You have to focus on selling something of value to your customer, but as time goes by, it became harder to avoid the pitfalls of mediocrity. So, How do we stand out in the market? There are three strategies that you can implement in your business to be successful.

Be The First

When you become the first, you have all the pool for yourself. It won't be easy to be the first nowadays, so you might want to start on a small pond before you jump to the sea. Take Gucci for example; a high-end fashion brand was launched in a small city, Florence, Italy. At first, his customer was nothing more than horse racing team where he creates a leather good to resemble horse bits and stirrups. Today, Gucci has more than 500 stores worldwide. Be the first in your pond to create a market before ambitiously being the worldwide market leader.

It's hard to be the first, because you need to have strong business acumen, and because big corporation along with their vast resources is also continually trying to dominate the new market. In that case, you can always be better than the original. Being the second or the latter allows you to learn and see how you could improve the original and make it even better. Keep doing it, and you'll be on your way to be the best in that specific area.

Be The Best

Gojek; the first startup decacorn in Indonesia isn’t the pioneer in an online ride-hailing application. The struggle of overcoming the first doesn’t stop Gojek to launch its product. Gojek sees Indonesia as a place of opportunity where there are endless of market possibilities, unlike their competitors. Gojek creates a market where the customer can do various things such as Go-Auto, Go-Massage and even Go-Laundry where you can repair your car, get a massage and a laundry in a single app.

If you still can't beat the original, you are screwed. Kidding. In business, there's always a way to success. And to do that, you need to be smarter. You need to be the David vs Goliath; David know and hone his strength and use it to beat the giant Goliath. Being smart here means more of street smart rather than text-book smart. You need to find a loophole and turn it into an opportunity. You can do these in many ways if you look closely. Let me give you an example: a Dolby surround system makes their name in the market by ensuring every use of their technology on a movie or a gadget must show their logo.

Be Smarter

Converse, on the other hand, make a smart little twist marketing campaign for their 100th birthday. They released their new “Made by You” campaign that aimed at highlighting the self-expression of their customer. Their objective is to go to cities and capture people who were doing awesome and creative things using their converse. As a result, converse effectively bridges the gap between self, brand, and community that increase their engagement with their customers.

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them” — CHRIS GROSSER

Chris Grosser; a marketing and online manager in Naples luxury imports understand that opportunities don't come in an accident. Instead, you create them. Winning in the business industry is a fairytale if you keep on waiting for the right opportunity at the right time to come. You need a strategy to succeed in the business industry. You can either be the first, be the best, or be smarter in the market to overcome the struggle.


In the end, your mindset plays a huge role. You should see your current struggle as an opportunity to grow. Never settle for mediocrity if you want to thrive in the business industry. And remember, there's always a way if you are determined to look for it You should see your current struggle as an opportunity to grow. Never settle for mediocrity if you want to strive in the business industry. And remember, there's always away if you are determined to look for it.

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