“There are four types of employee you want to have to build a healthy work environment.”

Choosing your early employee is important as they will help you build the pillars of your company, including your company culture. It is important for you to have a different kind of people with various abilities that each of them brings to the table, so your employees can learn from one another. Let’s say you already have employee who can solve any problem, but this person is not sociable enough. You may need another person to fill in for that matter. We’ve listed four types of people you want to have in the company.

1. Social Butterfly

The social butterfly is someone who will glue everyone on your team. Social butterfly is a great communicator that everyone comfortables to talk to. The social butterfly likes social events, a personalised approach, and a people-centred culture. They seek belonging and fulfilling relationships to support their work. This type of employee is usually has a strong team ethos, excellent in social activities, and can catch opportunities for helping others. They can create a good social working environment.

The social butterfly also makes good PR because the eloquent of their speech and warm attitude will be the advantages to get your business partner excited about company events or new initiatives. They’re the good communicator in mediating team disputes, working with customers, and promoting company values. Based on the 500.000 company reviews held by Kununu, the companies that ranked highest (by their own employees) were way better at communication than those that performed worse. That’s the proof of how important to have someone who’s a social butterfly in the company.

2. The Whip

The Whip is someone who ensures that everyone walks towards the same goal, that is the company goal. The whip excels at communication and doesn't afraid of confrontation. Not only they will stick to the company goals, but they also have the most ability to build trust with others. The whip can motivate others and help them become the best version of themselves. This type of employee is dedicated to management or leadership roles. When you have them in your team, it’s important for you to have clear and visible responsibility for people and resources, promotion, as well as prospects.

3. The Genius

The genius is someone who could see through problems and provide the most efficient and effective ways. The genius is not benchmarked by his/her quantity of work, rather by the quality of their deliverables. This type of employee likes problem-solving, development work in cutting edge, as well as innovative organisations. The genius is an employee who will generate ideas in meetings, come up with a creative vision for a great next step for your company, and inspire others to stay motivated. You may want to give the genius problems to solve and projects that need originality. You also need to create a space for brainstorming because this type of employee needs a stimulating environment as a motivation.

4. The Hipster

The hipster is the type of employee who’s usually keeps up with current and future goals, events, company-related knowledge, as well as the latest trends in the market or the culture of people. They always have a curiosity to dig in at the latest trend. They understand quickly about what’s on their plate and whom to contact regarding different matters. The hipster also can predict obstacles that will come on your company’s journey faster than anyone. The hipster helps company aware of external challenge and adapt through it.


Having these four type of people on your team would close the circle as they will supplement each other and eventually optimising your team deliverables. So it’s important to maintain the health of the organization by recruiting personality types that are not identical to each other. People who have different characteristics, skills and traits complete each other well and they can get things done together. The diversity of personality types at work environment will have a positive impact on work productivity, problem-solving, and innovation. Most importantly, they create a positive atmosphere to work in. Without a comfort yet conducive atmosphere, the balance in your work environment can be threatened.

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