“Align Your Offline and Online Marketing Effort to Establish Successful Business ”

When you’re building a business or expanding it, customers are an important factor that will determine its successfulness. Marketing is the way to attract customers. In every business, there are two kinds of marketing efforts: Online & Offline Marketing. Many companies work on both marketing strategy to create brand awareness and reach the audience. What kind of effort that differs from one another? Are there ways to align both of them? Let’s talk about online vs offline marketing and how to align them to your goal.

What are Online and Offline Marketing?

Online marketing is a marketing strategy that uses the internet in delivering company’s promotions, advertisements, and obtaining the attention of the customers. This marketing strategy depends on the internet to drive sales or generate sales leads. The media used in online marketing includes website or blog, social media, email marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, video blogging, and online ads. Online Marketing is basically the modern version of marketing that emerged as we’ve entered the new era of digital.

Offline Marketing is the traditional and basic way of marketing that exists earlier. It’s already in the business world since a long time ago, before the internet was even invented. Offline Marketing is more into marketing strategy that printed, published, and released media outside of the internet. The function is the same as the online one; to create brand awareness, reach targeted users, and generating leads or sales, minus the help from of internet. Offline marketing Media includes television, radio, brochure, flyers, banners, newspapers, pamphlets, and posters.

The Difference Between Online & Offline Marketing

Online Marketing

When it comes to Online Marketing, your company will have to pay for things that will support the internet-based marketing. Those are web development, hosting, and SEO. Considering the spread of Online Marketing these days, it seems that marketing strategy is more affordable than Offline Marketing. According to research from Business2community.com , 28% of marketers said that they’ve reduced advertising budget to fund digital marketing activities.

Offline Marketing

As for Offline Marketing, you need to spend your budget on the media (you need to print and publish ads through something), ads development, space (outlets for your ads), and human resources. The number of prospects is not guaranteed to the maximum exposure. Only those people who prefer reading newspapers, watching television, listen to the radio will be impacted. Although, research shows that 86% of people aged 45+ prefer TV and radio ads. That’s because they think those are more reliable for finding information than social media, news apps or the internet. As for the target customers, it is limited within a specific area. There has to be any movement from the human resources to spread the ads worldwide, which means there will be an additional cost to travel.

Aligning Online and Offline Marketing Effort

Consistent Design

You need to be consistent with your marketing campaigns. Use the same logo and brand components everywhere. It means if you include it on stationery, mugs, flyers, in TV commercials, newspaper ads, you can also make it the most visible part of your website or profile photo of your social media account to keep your brand aligned with the different methods you use in marketing the company’s products/services.

Consistent Message

Tagline, slogan, or message in your company have to stay the same in your online and offline marketing strategy. It helps customers recognize and remember your company. If you need to change any message, make sure changes made on both marketing strategies.

Funnel all channels to the same goal

It makes a whole and effective marketing when both strategies point to each other. For example, put links to your business website and social media accounts on your physical ads. Also the other way around, you can advertise the information about the physical location of where your products are being sold and business headquarters by putting that information on your website and social media accounts.


Overall, online and offline marketing are both essential to grow your brand awareness and reach the market. For effective result, it’s very important to be consistent with your messaging and design in both efforts. Merging both channel will improve your marketing output. Not only it will bring revenue, but will also raise the awareness/popularity of your company or brand.

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