“Social media creates great opportunities for companies of all spectrum to market their brands in a diverse and unique way.”

Social media has the virtually unlimited reach, fast response rate, and lower cost than other marketing mediums. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and customers. Great social media marketing will bring remarkable success to your business, creating devoted brand advocates and even driving leads and sales. Social media allows you to promote your business, attract new customers, and build stronger relationships with existing customers. We’ve listed the activities you need to do to promote your brand on social media below.

Optimize your company bio profile

Optimize your company’s profile by completing your profile. A company profile in social media is the ‘face’ of your business online. It is a vital element of your social media profile because a company profile lets your audience know who you are and what kind of business you are running. It is also proof that your business is committed to going online.

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By completely filling out your profiles with your business’ name, address and other essential information, your profile will become much easier to find in Google or a native search engine. This benefits both small and large businesses. You can use a special hashtag/your branded hashtag on your profile to further solidify your place in the search engine. However, do not just post random hashtags. You have to create a company profile that exudes the personality of your business.

Connect with influencer

A good way to achieve faster results and amplify your social media branding efforts is to build relationships with influencers. An influencer is the bread and butter of social media marketing. They can increase your brand recognition if utilized correctly. They already have established followers, which will come in handy if you are a small business with a small number of followers. Even for large companies, influencers have a role in increasing reach and engagement.

Connecting with the right influencers can be a challenge. An influencer is the representation of your brand’s quality and trustworthiness, so having lots of  followers doesn’t mean they’re right influencers for you. You need influencers who are relevant to your business, especially if you have a niche business.

Cross-promotes cross your channels

Using more social media means more reach and more potential customers waiting to be found. If you have multiple social media, you can do cross-promotion to increase your coverage.

Some of the easiest cross-promotion for cross channels is occasionally reminding your followers that you have other social media accounts or website. For example, Tweet about your business’s Instagram account on Twitter and vice versa. You can also use your channels as a hub for the links to landing pages.

Link sharing is also a good form of cross-promotion. A post from one of your social media account can be promoted by your other account from different social media. Much social media allows you to put the links of your other social media accounts in your profile. Do not let any opportunity for cross-promotion go to waste.

Join relevant public conversations

Consumers respect a company which doesn’t shy from public conversation, they even applaud honesty from a company in social media. You have to create your company’s social media voice as the reflection of your brand’s personality. Actively participating in a public conversation can increase your customer’s trust, brighten your company’s public image, increase your company’s authenticity, and increase engagement rate.

Engagement rate is an important factor to measure because they represent how familiar your followers with you. Be an active participant by retweeting, commenting or sharing something. Maintain your social media presence by replying to conversations that are relevant for your company or industry. Praises and criticisms in a public conversation tend to be more honest. This is important as an evaluation, whether an evaluation of your brands and products or to your customer service.

Create target ads to promote your brand or products

Most of social media platform allows you to access your customer’s data. It is very useful for targeted advertisement. More precise data will allow you to pinpoint your targets and deliver your ads efficiently. To increase the effectiveness further, you should understand each social media’s target audience.

You can use social media feature ads to promote your brand on a specific target audience. Different social media cater to a different audience. A B2B social media such as LinkedIn panders more to professionals and other companies, while Instagram tends to have an audience of Millenials. To achieve optimal usage of social media ads, you have to know the demographics that you aim and how significant they are in the social media that you choose.

Create Lead Gen Content

Social media is the perfect place for lead generation. The easiest lead gen content is those where your followers have to do very little to enter. To entice your followers to give leads, you have to give something valuable to them. Share a link to gated contents such as free ebooks, courses, free trials, guides, etc. are the types of content that will gain you leads for future uses.


If you’re not using your social media to its fullest potential, use it now! Social media is brimming with potential customers waiting for you to enter the stage. With its diverse use, you can do many things in social media to promote and market your business. Be friends with social media!

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