“A social media management company is better than just one full-time employee.”

According to statistic provided by Statista based on Inc. 500 companies, 97% business owners understand the importance of a social media presence, but often having problems to manage, at least 3 reasons: they don't have time, they don't know what makes a good content, they can't keep up with best practices on all the different channels. Small business owners could spend so much time up to 33 hours a week on marketing activities. Looking at the data, it clearly to run social media management would consume the amount of time that is same with full-time employee’s work. That's why most business owners are delegating tasks to people who are experts in the field. In this article, we’ve summed up another reason why you need a social media management company/services:


Managing a social media means you have to know all the updates about platform and management tools, which features and strategies you can maximize, as well as outreach programming. If you hire a social media management company, you will get people with excellent understanding to communicate and connect with the audience. The workers from social management company have the abilities to thrive for a challenge and knowing by heart about the digital landscape better than anyone. Most importantly, the way social media management company generate content that will genuinely be connected with the audience is crucial. By all means, content is the fuel of social media management, so you might as well give it to the experts, rather than throw it to just about anyone in the company.


A social media management company can give you multiple magic touches on your brand. The Management has the ability to increase brand monitoring and response efforts. This is because social media management needs consistency. According to industry reports, 89% of social media requests go unanswered by brands, which in fact, affecting the audience satisfaction. People are waiting for your answer and they don’t want it to be a long waiting. Using a social media management company can be the best choice because the team will back you up during evening hours, weekends, and holidays.

Outside-the-Box Perspective

With the social management company service, you can gain insights into your business that you wouldn’t discover when managing things in-house. The Management provides insight either by looking back at its way to deal with previous clients or presenting the unorthodox, as well as fresh idea. The people there may even enlighten you about the opportunities you can miss. The unique way of thinking means more new solutions.

The outside-the-box perspective from the external of your company is incredibly important, so you don’t have to repeat the same mistake when you keep looking at the internal. For example, the advertising used by Nike for the 2016 Olympics. The company use an old nun in marathon-running for its commercial to show that anyone can be an athlete. That is surely affecting the customers greatly by increasing their confidence to use the products.

Save Money

Digital marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads. That is because intense social management actually happened in between. The social media management company can do the easy way to track all data and insights into your specific content and how much traffic is flowing back to your website. It means, the company also can maximize the engagement. So it’s better to full team of a professional social media management company for a cheaper cost, rather than a PR representative that will cost you the salary and other full-time employee benefit.


A social media management company will be well versed in the available tools and be able to custom-tailor a selection that fits your business goals. You will get benefits from the social management company’s experience with other clients. This combines with their knowledge of research tools and awareness of competitors. So the new difficulty your company encounters can be dealt with efficiently. Because mostly, the social management company has already been there to solve it in their previous experiences. If not, you can always rely on their unorthodox way to outsmart any misfortune.


Managing social media company presence cannot be done by just one person, you need a dedicated team. So that’s why hiring a social media management company will come in handy with a situation where you need to reach out to many people across many different social media. It can work better than you hire another full-time employee (which will cost you more money and time). On the other hand, stressing out your existing employee won’t help the situation much. After all, many great minds are always better than just one.

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