“You will need a good Content Management System to Improve your Digital Marketing.”

As a digital marketer, the most important technology you will use for your website is a Content Management System (CMS). Why should it be CMS? Because CMS will improve your business productivity by helping you create, manage, and edit the content of your website. Applying CMS, you have to consider many things that, of course, won’t harm your business.  In this article, you will find useful tips to select the right CMS and the top two popular CMS platforms.

Technical Skills Resource

Before you choose CMS Platform, the first thing you should consider is your existing IT expertise. Your IT team must be able to secure the CMS against various attacks, handle ongoing maintenance, and upkeep work. You also need to ascertain that the existing infrastructure is supportive enough to run the CMS. Since the rapid technology development is unavoidable, you have to consider the ease of development; that is, you have to make sure that you have an in-house resource to modify the CMS.

SEO Friendly

Select a CMS which will not adversely affect your search engine optimization efforts or your rankings. SEO-Friendly CMS will help your customers find your website easily. The best CMS platforms will have features that help you configure title tags, meta tags, site maps, and search-friendly URLs to boost the content’s visibility on major search engines. For example, the SEO-Friendly CMS will give you a simple URL structure

Like this:


Rather than the confusing, like this one:


Choose CMS that is Easy to Use

Ease-of-use is often overlooked in the CMS decision-making process. Sure, features are important, but what good are they if no one can use them? To help your business run well, especially for someone who is still in a beginner stage, we suggested you to choose a CMS that does not require any much technical knowledge such as Weebly and Strikingly. The easy-to-use CMS will allow you to upload and update text, add images and videos, insert links, and make other content updates easier. It should be easy to add, customize, or remove web pages.


Why is the CMS security important to be taken into account? Security is obviously a big consideration. You want a CMS that will keep your content and customer data secure against current and future threats. Content management systems are one of the biggest targets for hackers and other types of cybercriminals. Make sure that you choose the credible vendor that can give you a rectification if your CMS gets hacked.

Easyly Integrated with Social Media & Email Marketing

Does the CMS make it easy to share content with all the major social networks and can be integrated with email marketing? You will need a social media and email marketing-friendly CMS since it will allow you to edit websites from one dashboard. Using this type of CMS, you will be able to save your time to conduct other business or do other types of marketing.

Technical Support

While there are many popular content management systems out there that may have all the features you're looking for, not all of them are the best when it comes to providing technical support to their customers. Site crashes, hacking histories, lost pages, or deleted contents are the unpredictable issues and it will impact on your business condition. Thus, look for one can be contacted, at least, for 24/7.

TOP CMS Platform

After reviewing the technical and marketing aspects mentioned above, now it’s time for you to be familiar with WordPress and Joomla, the top two CMS platforms according to Ionos.



  • Minimal effort for installation and setup
  • Intuitive user interface


  • Plugins often have security gaps
  • Limited stability and performance capability with high traffic



  • User-friendly template creation
  • A large pool of extensions and designs


  • Extensions often require manual implementation
  • Advanced extensions can be pricey


There are hundreds of content management systems available, all with their own unique features and benefits. Make sure you choose the platform that you’re satisfied with and achieve a return on your investment. Stay tuned on our website to find more interesting articles.

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