“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand” — PAUL RAND

Working in a fast business environment requires a lot of focus on everything in detail, but sometimes we  get lost in the process. We tend to ignore the matters of a great brand design, whereas the clients engagement requires a visual impression. Especially if you’ve just built a new business, you need to plan your brand strategy well, including the design matters. Here we summarize a number of points that you must consider how important a brand design:

Why does design matters for your brand?

If your products/services are still new, the first impression is really matters because you only have a few second to attracted your prospect. Believe me, if your visual brand has appeal, you can move them into your words, you can deliver your message right on them. Good design helps you reach your clients in a memorable way, and will help you to get noticed. Good design is not about what people see, but how make people feel.

Create Your Brand Identity

In over the world, there are a lot of different products and services where quality is often comparable or the same, and what separated from one and another is experienced of how clients get.

A brand is about the concept, emotional, and even philosophical element, but what represent all those ideas is the visual component of its brand. You need to build your own brand identity, which includes logo, typography, colors, packaging and messaging. So design as a process of creating all those elements must be related with your purpose and value you wanna give to the world.

Recognizable Logo Brand

Logo as a symbol of  the entire brand, that’s why you need to create memorable logo since logo is the center of your brand identity. We can take a sample from the popular brands such as Apple, Coca-cola, and Google logo. They have a simple and easily recognizable logo, right?. The simplicity of their logo goes a long way in sticking in the mind of the customers. You can take research on a popular brand logo as preferences, start to learn the history behind their design and find the lessons you can implemented later.  Just remember, your logo brand must be matches with your company’s personality and value that you held.

Go With The Right Color Palette.

We all understand how colors can impact people’s emotion, behavior, and psychology. Since color plays an important role in constructing strong brand identity, I think you better have a primary color to expressing what your brand actually is and selecting a few secondary colors to make your brand stay exciting.

A consistent use of brand colors will increase your visual identity, make you stand out and be instantly recognizable to the world.

How‘s Your Typography Will Look Like?

Just like color has meaning for your brand, typography is equally as powerful in representing the values and tone of your brand. Each classification of typeface has a different set of connotations and therefore will create a different representation of who you are and what you stand for as a brand. Creating typography that works well with your logo or palette can make your brand identity outstanding. So be careful with this one. Typography usually carries their own history, which often shades the meaning of what is being written.

In the final step, remember to considerate the graphics too, such as design assets, an icon — which always face front, and the photograph, those will support the visual language of your brand.

After all, just imagine how your brand will be up on the billboard along the road and people inside their car will talk about it. Like what Jeff Bezos said, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room”.

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