“Content is fire; social media is gasoline.” — JAY BAER

Content connects with digital presence. Base on studies, people are more likely to buy things based on the emotion they feel, then use the facts to support their decision. Digital content marketing plays an important role to affect people’s feeling these days since everyone seems to have the digital platform that they always use. Content marketing is crucial to digital presence plan since it will get you steady traffic.

Creating excellent content to raise your digital presence, needs a plan and ideas.

Considering who your audience is, is the key. You can’t sell your product/service if you don’t at first show them your value. Rather than forcing any people to buy your product, try to sell them your idea on how your product/service can solve their problems. Highlight your uniqueness that will undoubtedly give your audience more value. Having the perfect digital content without knowing the right format and channel is also necessary to be more targeted. Many content types must be fit in with the right channel so that it can support the success of your business goals. We compile 4 cheat ideas you can use right away depends on your goal.

Content to Increase Brand Awareness

If your goals are to create brand awareness, try create entertaining content that is viral, fun, and seasonal. People will usually get more awareness if you deliver your content using an infographic, presentation, blog post, video, advertisement, press release, or even a meme. Choose wisely if you want to use these kinds of content format because at the end your content should fit your audience. Website or blog such as WordPress and Drupal can be used to deliver the content. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, and Twitter also plays a vital role as one of the most common platforms these days. If you’re using a lot of social media, Hootsuite can be one of the best ways to manage them.

Content that fits Lead Generation

Leading a generation is one of the main concern these days. With all the noise and information on the internet, you need to find a way to stand out in a crowded market. And to do so, you must create immediate value to your viewer from the first time you interact with them. Using freebies like e-book, whitepapers, templates, and workbook fits the job as you can show visitor of your immediate value.

Content for Nurture

Using a blog post, Infographic, case study, testimonial, video demo, and an analyst report is crucial for nurturing your audience. Nurturing your customer means you need to understand what digital marketing phases do they are in at the present, and provides guidance on how to solve their issue and moved on.  Breakdown your content to digestible chunk of action with a clear description and details.

Content for Sales Enablement

At last, if you’re already in a stage where you want to make a sales enablement, you should give the audience a data that’s more specific that picture your product/service like sales data, detail and targeted infographic, and pricing guides. Sales enablement can also help your marketing team to sell more effectively.  Sales enablement makes it possible to engage with the buyer throughout the whole process. A more engaging customer needs a more appealing/in-depth content such as spec sheets, ROI calculator, and a competitive differentiator guides which can be delivered using a website, CRM and an internal content.

Using the right content on the right channel can drive traffic and enhance engagement. Using infographic, memes, videos, guides, product reviews, testimonials, and website correctly can help you engage with your audience. That’s why knowing who your audience plays a crucial role to create content.


Every business/startups have their own specific goals that they want to achieve. If you are building your goals around developing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, generating sales leads, converting them to customers, and improving customer retention, it goes without saying that you’ll need to create content that allows you to accomplish all of the goals; brand awareness, lead generation, nurture, and sales enablement. One important thing to succeed your goals is to get your infographic data to know who your audience, so your content and channels can be on point.

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