“Find some ways to make the contents in your company’s blog useful for your business.”

The stakes are high when it comes to creating contents for a business blog. According to the latest survey held by GrowthBadger from 1,117 bloggers, “Quality of content” is rated the #1 most important success factor among all bloggers. It means the kind of content blog you make will be the part of marketing strategy. Now we've recommended you to at least these 2 pillars content for your company blog; Talk about your company milestone and share some informative article.

Do You Have a Milestone?

Company milestone tends to contain promotional content about company achievement/product, more salesy, etc. These are the examples of company’s milestone you can put on the company’s blog:

Press Release

Press release is a great medium to announce the company’s milestone because it reports specific yet brief information about an event, circumstance, or other happening. But if you think your information isn't riveting, take a step back. Maybe there's something you can add to your event or announcement that will make it more interesting.

New Products

Any time you launch a new product or service, you can put it as content in your business blog. Don’t describe your product like an advertisement, but rather write something that relates to your customers and make them care. You should also write it in a way that is easy to be understood.

Upcoming Event

You can give your readers information about an upcoming company's event. This is particularly useful for inviting more customers to your event and serves as a good marketing strategy. You should not forget to emphasize all the interesting activities/things from it.


When your company get the achievement on something/award, put it in your business blog. It will gain more trust from your customers towards your product/services. An award means something concrete that serves as the proof of your successful delivering quality.

New Video

You can give a sneak preview of a new product in the form of a video. It is always interesting for your customers to get a glimpse of how you run your business and produce your products. You can also show a promotional event that will make them attracted to what you’re doing.

Informative Article

You may not wanting to sound “too self-conscious” on putting too many promotional contents. That’s why it will be better when you give more informative & educative contents. Give your customers knowledge about things related to your product. Maybe you can add a little touch of promoting in the end, but make it subtle. These are the examples of informative article you can put on your company’s blog:

Interesting Relevant Industry News

Write relevant industry news, such as current trends/ideas to make your company blog more interesting. You can also make it more informative by creating How-to/tutorials related to your product. Another way by creating a Types/classification, Review, and Pros/Cons articles to help your customers do research by themselves about products.

Case Study

Writers/marketers are usually writing case study with this format: challenge > solution > benefit. But you can add some extra stuff to hook and engage an audience, such as additional fun facts or making it flows like a story. You should also get your customers to feel more involved by asking open-ended questions to help reveal other insights that can add more depth to your case study.


Storytelling can bring a vivid picture of your company’s brand into your customers’ eyes,  while also conveying authority, credibility, and authenticity. You can give more insights to your customers about your company’s vision while also picking up on valuable lessons in a particularly enjoyable way. Tell about an important moment and how it changed your business, so they will feel more connected with you.

Press Release Turns into Blog Content/Post

Put press release contents about the latest company news which is written in the most compelling way. Don’t let your press release to be boring. Pick the right kind of press release which informs about industry trends, survey data, etc. You should also avoid putting too much promotional content because it’ll make your company blog looks cheesy. Don’t forget to put a catchy headline to attract more readers and add more images, pictures and videos.

Another way to turn a press release into a content blog is by adding key learnings. For example, you can insert step by step instructions to follow your advice or implement your suggestions. You may also want to remove your boilerplate. Don’t stick to a standard format, such as having an "About Company XYZ" section at the bottom, plus contact information and a location and date of the news. It is just unusual to have those things in blog articles.


There can be a hard and long battle in figuring out what to write. But you will understand why attractive and educative contents are valuable by putting yourself in customers’ position. In the crowd of your product’s industry, you need to stand out from the rest of your competitors. Creating high-quality blog content is the most effective way to accomplish that.

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