“Social media optimization utilizes quality content as the bulk of social media marketing.”

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is an effort to increase your company’s online presence by using social media. SMO is about strengthening your brand, generating leads, increasing online visibility, and connecting with your audience. Creating contents as a part of your SMO strategy is not enough. You have to be thoughtful of how you do it. We’ve summed up a strategy to optimize your content on social media:

Mix Original Content & Curated Content

“Content is King” a popular quotes in digital marketing world, it means that social media marketing will not be successful without the great quality and quantity of contents. There are two types of content that you can publish on social media:

Original content

Original content is content that you made specifically for social media, and is usually a part of a campaign. A repurposed content can fit into this category because re-purposed content is a reused content that you create for a specific campaign.

Curated content

Curated content is content that’s shared from various sources around the web. However, content curation is more than just link sharing. You have to pay attention to the quality and relevance of the content. For the optimized result, share contents that have a high engagement rate and relevance.

You can get the ideal result if you combine both. Remember that quality beats quantity almost every time.

Another thing to factor in is the timing of your post. Even the best content will struggle to gain views if no one is around to see it. It is crucial to time your content posting at the time when many people are online and active.

Using Eye-catching or Creative Images

Eye-catching images can get a high engagement rate because people are mainly visual. People tend to scroll through their feed until something interesting pops out and take their eyes’ attention. In this case, an image will be much more eye-popping than a wall of text. A study from B2B Marketing Mentor found images were the most important tactic for optimizing content for social media, “82 percent Respondent said it was “important” or “very important” to use the former, while 67 percent said this about the latter.”

To capitalize such tendency, you should include high-quality images in your content whenever possible. You also should include featured images in your blog posts. This featured image will automatically be included when people share your posts on their social media.

Improve Your Headline

A quality headline will make people interested. You should experiment with different types of headlines to see what kinds of headlines your followers prefer. Keep your feed fresh by using a variety of headlines. People are easily bored, more so if you keep using the same type of headline over and over. To see whether your headline is successful, you can check how many people click on that headline in your social media analytics or you can use some analytic tools.

To improve your headline, you can practice your copywriting skills through this link for a better writing headlines.


Hashtags have become synonymous with social media marketing. Putting hashtags in your posts categorize the posts. Hashtags greatly help social media optimization by giving more reach to your posts and making your content more visible to the public eye. They make tracking trending topics easy and entertaining.

Hashtags are a common feature in most of social media. In Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. Hashtags are keywords that help your posts appearing in the search engine by anyone searching for those terms. Hashtags also provide a way for users to communicate with those who have the same interest. If you follow a particular hashtag, any posts tagged with the same hashtag will show up in your stream. There is a strategy involved in getting the most out of hashtags. Here some tips to use hashtags effectively on social media:

  • Look at what hashtags influencers in your industry are using.
  • Search for trending hashtags and relate them back to your industry or brand.
  • Create your own hashtags to track specific social media marketing campaigns.

Video & Audio Podcast

Podcasts are very popular these days. They can be in the form of video or audio. They give you the information in an entertaining way. By making good quality audio and video content, you can improve your content optimization. If you are up to it, creating podcasts will be very advantageous to your business. Before you go into podcasting, there are some factors that you have to take into account:

  • Budget – Creating a podcast requires some budgets, especially if you don’t have the tools yet.
  • Time – Creating a podcast may be time-consuming, depending on what topic are you talking about and whether it needs additional research or not.
  • Tools – Different tools can give you different recording result. How good the production quality needs to be?


There are many things to consider when initializing social media optimization. However, the time consumed in planning and doing SMO will bear the fruit of results. Strategizing your move patiently and diligently will reward you with optimized marketing result.

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