This is the 3rd sprint (mid August 2019) of our digital product design and development journey. Glass octopus is our journal of how we design and develop our digital product, as transparent as we can. We hope our story helps you in your startup journey, and as a message to all digital entrepreneur that you’re not alone in your journey.

Little steps, big impact

How do you compete again giants of the industries? Clearly not head-to-head. Do your research well and put on that constant effort where they fall short. Do all the little steps that will bring you big impact in the near future. But those small little steps is easier said than done. This week we do experiment of how much we can handle and focus on it. It’s easy to want to do everything, just remember not to bite more than you can chew!

Aurora Assa

In the last two weeks, I didn't feel productive at all. I'm still handled operation assistant service of course for both of my clients. But it's like I got the same cycle & problem over and over again. In the morning start checking email, checking progress, answering questions from the team, then poof, it's noon. Have you ever felt the same way? Feeling bored with that routine? And feel the progress hour on that day is very short?

And the worst part about it, guilty feeling crushed me, because it's like everyone seems getting stuff done in RPS project, except me. But I know guilty feeling won't bring any progress to my task. So last week I took 4 days leave to recharge, so I can back to my routine fully. I'm still fulfilled my service for both of my clients at that time and tried to progress in RPS part. Keep being professional is important especially when you are not in a good time. Because that's the hardest part.
Now I already back in Bandung, feeling a bit refreshed, I'm starting to finish my task one by one. Planning to catch progress in the weekend especially task on RPS project. Hope everything finish on time #fingercross

Diny Octavia

Last week was the last time I managed client's digital presence. After that, my focus right now is on RPS blog content.

Making good content is more complex than I thought before, we need some strategy, tactics, and updates on what's new. Managing people or find the right people to become our company's voices isn't an easy task too.

Also, being persistent at what I do isn't easy sometimes, for me, persistence means to keep pushing through to become really great at something and giving value back to my company.

How persistence am I? well, this questions clouding my heads most of time. I start asking my self "when the going gets tough do you keep going?", "Do you see projects through to completion… even when the process becomes boring or monotonous?", " When you hit roadblocks, do you hang in there to find a solution?"

I need to give myself room to improve and grow every time.

Hendri Augustine Sugiarto

I spent most of my two weeks preparing and setting up RPS digital presence. I might spend to much time on setting up the newsletter (since this is the first time we launch our own newsletter). I also clean up all of our combined contacts to ensure we would get small unsubscribe percentage. The most time consuming is the creation of the newsletter design itself. And by design I mean both visual design and the tone of voice of RPS.

Another thing I do hands-on is setting up social media and standardising all social media message and cover pictures. I must admit I have some problem here on the messaging and the content. It’s just so much thing to manage with just three of us. I need to find out what we could handle optimally, and how to do it effectively.

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