How To Effectively Increase Business Existence? In this article we share some activities you need to do on daily work-tivities.

Online marketing is the way of marketing; currently, it doesn't matter whether you are a startup or a big company. Building an online presence is needed to draw a steady stream of new customer and generate sales. With the increase of competition in the online market, startups and new small business struggle to compete with a big company. Fortunately, this article will show you the tips and trick to increase your business existence.

To boost your business existence, you need to engage with people or topic consistently. Having a business presence is not enough; you need existence too. Here are the tips and trick that you can implement in your business/startups:

#1 Engaging Post Content

You need to create content that people can engage with, of course, something that brings value to your customer. It could be an interesting data or fact, a video people can relate to, a graphic that makes people laugh, or a product photo that encourages someone to tag their friends. Choose to post content that will receive a positive reaction and action from people.

Your content can't only be engaging but also consistent. Posting valuable content will bring a crowd to your social media (but always remember quality values more than just quantity).

#2 Respond All Comment

You need to be social if you want to increase your engagement rate. When customers send you a message or leave a comment on a post, they're allowing you to talk to them. When you have the opportunity to speak with them, you can slowly instil your business value and create sales.

#3 Call To Action

Engaging content can stir your potential customer emotion; that's when you can have a call to action to your business. When you create a post, always add a call to action at the end of it. Either in your post or story, you can ask people to like, comment, share with their friends. Swiping up or click the link you provide is also a form of a call to action(don't forget to make sure your link is working).

#4 Share Something

Who are your customers? What are their interests? What types of posts do they prefer? How do they consume information? Would they prefer free template, blog content, or infographic, video tutorial?

Knowing your target market will help you understand the types of content that you need to create. You can't fish all the fish in the ocean, but being the best at one part of the sea using the right bait can grow your business even more prominent. Focus on creating content your customer would enjoy and get value from you.

#5 Like

Don't just expect people to like you if you do not socialize too. Engagement is vice versa. Try to be more social by liking other people content post also or your fans or your follower. So they can see that you are paying attention to them. Build an image that you care about; it makes your business more human than just robot.

Re-posting content that your follower creates that also support your business is an excellent way to engage. Re-posting means that you like and help the content that your follower create, and this means much more than just giving like to the content.

#6 Hashtag

To become recognize in your industry or expert field, you need to put a related hashtag in every caption in your post so that people can find you in their explore. But don't limit your hashtag, you can research what's trending in the internet world. Do some research before you choose the right hashtag, this will give you the idea for you to have a perfect hashtag that suits your business.

Instagram, as one of the biggest social media platform, allows you to search with a hashtag. Search the top 5 content that has the same hashtag with your business and connects with them; it can either be in the form of giving positive comments or even giving a like to the post.


Online marketing is necessary; gaining crowd digitally allows you to reach the market that you can't physically reach. But, every business is using the same strategy currently; market their business digitally. Using the tips and trick that have been mentioned will allow you to outshine your competitor. Boost your business presence to the existence, let the world know what your business is.