At long last, we have decided to stop our conventional service of consulting and focus on creating our own product. The decision is a hard one since it will bring uncertainty over our finances. But again, we can’t ignore our deep urge of creating something of our own.

To assist on our wild thoughts and trouble we will encountered along the way, we will do what we called Glass Octopus project where we write what we’ve been progressing, achieve, as well as the real unedited story of our journey of creating something for ourselves. Think of it as an insider insight of what really happens along the way.

We will post once every two weeks. And even though the purpose is for us to let the steam go, I myself hope that if you stumbled upon this post it will help you in a way or another. Perhaps take the lesson from our mistakes, or avoid where we grow short, or even as a friendly reminder that you are not alone in building what you really want to build.

We will post the story on our newsletter as well as on this blog. Since we haven’t even have any newsletter, we will post our first sprint week results below. Also, check our video about glass octopus below (in Bahasa Indonesia) πŸ‘‡

Diny Octaviani a.k.a Marcy

In the first week of July, I have handled the newest digital marketing project from previous clients and also took leave for 2 days in the same week. But still, I prefer to continue to work remotely on the trains and hotels. Maybe that's that, when your work has internalized your life. I'm not saying t'was a bad thing tho, as long as you feel unencumbered and still having fun, why not?.

By the way, I've learned so much today, that business will always be a business, there's a lot of uncertainty. Even tho I'm still learning how it works, but my words used to ring today "Judge your client by his invoice."

Oh, yes, there are deadlines too. I need to complete all my tasks on this FRIDAY. Actually, I have a plan this Friday night, to attend the Beatles tribute concert, but well responsibility always come first!

P.s. Articles on Squarespace: DONE!

Aurora Assa a.k.a Oa

In the past two weeks, I was busy with the clients. Currently, I’m handling 3 clients with their own team & projects. In this operation assistance service, I’m responsible to manage each development team, so they know which one should be prioritized and they could deliver maximum of their effort.

With 3 clients (that’s means 3 teams as of now) more or less I spent three-quarter of my office hour to manage all of them. Each team has a different culture, rules, and of course different type of development project. Because of it, I should put extra effort to at least understand the project and the team itself. But I’m happy with that, to communicate and help each of them. Although sometimes problems in each team make me crazy.

In the middle of my super-hectic sometimes boring time, I can always back to do my job in RPS. As of now RPS in the process of creating courses with our three main pillar; Strategy, Operations, and Product Launch. My part of course in the Operations part, since I’m Operations Specialist haha! And in the past two weeks, I’m still completing ideas of articles related to operations part.

What a busy week for me, but finally happy gonna meet Saturday & Sunday! I can have time to relax and of course mute all of notification from client. Have a nice weekend!

Hendri Augustine Sugiarto a.k.a Folie

The last two weeks was hard as I have to decide whether continuing our services or entirely focus on it. In the end, we decided to focus only on building our product. A leap of faith that we take, hoping that it will turns out okay. Also on personal level, the uncertainty of financial makes me uncomfortable, leading to many sleepless nights. And anxiety of course. But I have to march on. We've been doing consulting works for many clients, we advise them how to make a great product, and it's time we do it ourself.

The hardest part is not developing the product, but fighting my inner demons saying I could not do it, that I don't have what it takes, and I don't have the resources to do so. All are terrifying thoughts, but if not now, when?

Now I have passed the hard part saying goodbye to our clients, comes even harder part of having a ninja-discipline without burning myself out.

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