This is the 25th week (End of December 2019) of our digital product design and development journey. Glass octopus is our journal of how we design and develop our digital product, as transparent as we can. We hope our story helps you in your startup journey, and as a message to all digital entrepreneur that you’re not alone in your journey.

Done is better than perfect

I was in the office of our partner: Finata, talking about user acquisition and the unique problem we're facing. I was fiddling around in the conversation and got distracted (or enlightened?) by a book on the table. The title is "Done is better than perfect"

This is something that I'm still struggling in RPS: that my pursue of perfection often stops me from getting things done. Let's be real, by plan we should have been done with the templates and courses three months ago. Event after event happened and we kept pushing back the deadline. Sure, it was not for nothing. Project and cash flow happens, opportunities shows itself. But other than that was also because I'm just being lazy. Pure, plain, old problem.

Did I regret it? Not entirely. Along the road we understand that the world of lessons and courses is a crowded market and might comes to a saturation point (this is highly matched with our strategy to divide our limited offline services to pay for work or pay for access). Still, the courses can be a great supplement to the ecosystem we're trying to build.

We are in a solid path, but the path can only last for so long. We need to emphasize on done rather than perfect. We got a new partner now on the fashion industry and we really believe their vision is something worth to work on. It's time to put the horse-blinder and focus on what we have and we can.

For the better, we will change how we present Glass Octopus. Rather than reporting what's we've been doing each two weeks, I feel it would better serve everyone that we only share our key lessons (whether we learned it ourselves or a lesson we get from our partners). Moving forward, Glass octopus will be more about it.

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