“Great Vision Without Great People is Irrelevant.” — JIM COLLINS

The digital content team has two primary goals: to create relevant content in forms that are most effective for your business and to distribute that content to the absolute maximum number of endpoints. Unfortunately, having a digital content team is not as easy as publishing it. You are searching for the most talented individuals, convincing them that they belong to your business and bring them on board.  A business would be so much simpler if you could hire a marketing A-Team at one fell swoop. But we all know that it’s only a wish to have it that easy.

A Digital Content Team Needs A Member That Plays Different Kinds of Role.

Your digital content team needs an expert in each field. Instead of having one person that can do three things at the same time, find someone who works as an expert in one area. You will need a content planner/strategist, content creator, and the designer in your team.

  • Content planner/strategist is the mastermind that knows how to brings out the most of the business vision; they know how to attract customer and grow your business.
  • Content Creator is the magician that brings out the content planner/strategist vision so the customer can enjoy and consume the business content to their needs.
  • The designer is the one who knows how the content can be visually appealing for the customer. Motion visuals are the new currency, so designer that acts as the virtuoso needs to understand the interest of the market.

Where to find those talents?

Below are some lists that you can refer to find the digital content team to your business favour:

Social Media

Social media isn’t just a way to connect to customers. There are job seekers out there as well. You have to take advantage that by having a digital content team, you are enabling your business to have a global talent. Your social channels make it easy to connect with candidates from around the globe. Since everyone is on social media, this will help you to find talent.

Social media helps them know your business better. By opening recruitment in your social media, you allow your business to open the curtain so candidates can see if you’re a good fit.

Groups and Online Communities

For marketing talent, look for discussion groups, forums, and communities where people are providing tremendous insight. They can bring the market that you have never imagine before to your company. Having a varies talent, and team member that is connected with groups and online communities will also mean that you are increasing the probability to expand your market.

Job Boards

If you’re looking for candidates with a particular skill set, then find those specific candidates based on their skills. Finding the right candidates or talent that fits your business in job platform like Fiverr, and Upwork for freelancers, and Wantedly for fulltimer, will help your recruiting process. Job boards also enable you to fish in the right place, by having a good bait (job recruiting advertising) due to the help of your original digital content team member, you enhance the probability to get the right person for your business.

Paid ads may not necessarily reach the passive candidate, but everyone is on social media. Facebook and Instagram page is one of the tools that can be used to target market. Facebook and Instagram help you to get your job advertising post to the people who closely match the skills and interests that you want and your business needs.


The digital marketing world is a competitive one, but there is one thing that will help you stand out from the crowd: Good content. And the way to it is by having a digital content team that understands each other's roles – and what they can bring - and is united in its approach to deliver and meet business objectives. With the right fit between your candidates and business, you can build the all-star marketing team that will hold their ground and grows with your business.

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