Maintaining Business Sustainability Through Bootstrapping and Real Value

There are two fundamental paths to build a business/startups: using your own resources (bootstrapping), or approaching an investor to fund your business/startups. Each choice has its pros and cons, and for sure will affect and define your business/startups in the future. If you are a business/startups owner who is in the stage of deciding on either funding your business/startups with your own sources or investor, read this article to the end, so you can fully understand of these two funding sources.

“Bootstrapping is a self-sustainability business without any fund help externally.”

Understand The Basic Definition

Bootstrapping in business means starting a company from scratch without nothing but your savings that drive the first income through your first sales. Bootstrapping is a self-sustainability business without any fund help externally. The opposite of bootstrap model is having an investor to fund your business/startups to support your company with the capital that you needed. Below are the pros and cons for both funding sources from the three primary point of view of business

1. Quality

Bootstrapping gives you more freedom and time that will enable you to make sure that the quality of the product/service you produce meets your expectation and initial wants. Bootstrapping allows more freedom in decision making. Your focus will be most likely to be directed by your own towards one clear goal without any interference from investors who might have a conflict of interests.

Having an investor, on the other hand, makes you have to compromise on how they want to run the business/startups; that can be different from your own goals. Going against the investor won’t do your business/startups any better because it will ignite a conflict, and you most likely would need to satisfy your investors.

2. Time

Bootstrapping allows you to work at your own pace and time though it might not be the best option if you’re slacking at your job. Because of that, self-discipline plays a vital role in bootstrapping. Never go easy with what you dream of, especially when you know that your dream will make you a better version of yourself. After all, a great entrepreneur should always have good self-discipline.

An investor will most likely set a deadline for your work because in the end they would want their investment to return as fast as possible. They might rush you to meet their deadline, but if their deadline doesn’t fit with your own pace or you can’t keep up with them, you will most likely to forsake the quality of your product/services.

3. Cost

Bootstrapping means that you have limited financial sources (unless you are already a millionaire). But this means that you have full control over your cash flow. When you put yourself in a go big or go home situation, you know you’re hungry to do the business rightly. Of course, along the way, you’ll make mistakes that will cost your capital again, but you will also helps you stretch your limit.

Investors cover your expenses using the investment to your business/startups, but that doesn’t go with another cost, which is, they also have control over your finances, directly/indirectly. They will make sure that you’ll spend their investment the way they wanted.

Learn More About The Triple Constraints

A constraint in work is any restriction that defines a work’s limitation. Quality, Time and Cost are the most significant restriction on any project, because those three constraints are hard to work unitedly. The chance is you can only choose two out of three.

If you want to have excellent quality and fast deliverable, it will cost you more money; expensive. If you're going to have both the quality and low cost, your product will take more time to finish. On the other hand, if you want your product/service to be done fast and cheap, you will be most likely to make a poor quality product/service. This information is useful to anchoring your goals and keep your company stay on track, which will affect you determine of funding sources.

Overcome A Lack of Guidance

In fact, there are plenty of sources on the internet that will show you how to create a business thoroughly using investment. Contrarily, there aren’t many detailed and thorough steps on the bootstrapping method. Beyond the popularity of funding obtained from the investor, if you are among those who make decisions to do the bootstrapping, you are at the right place as Rock Paper Scissors focus on helping business bootstrap. To have a better insight into running a business/startups that is not only theoretically helpful but also practically, check our other articles and subscribe to our newsletter.


The choice of bootstrapping v. investor funding for your business/startups is in your hand. Each has its own pros and cons, but in short, bootstrapping method is a way to build a business that focuses on self-sustainability rather than having an investor to a get-rich-quick schema. Bootstrapping focused on surviving and winning the market through the value that the business/startups is offering rather than buying the market through the capital.

What are you after? market value or market capitalization?

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