“Products don’t build companies, people do.”

Why finding the right people in your team is important?

Building a team with the right people in your business is one of the hardest and most challenging things that business face. Hiring the right people can exponentially grow your business. A leader is powerless without a team that discusses, execute, and evaluate your startup’s vision together. A leader is the head of the company, and his/her team is the body. A smart head is useless without a strong body. You have to build a strong team to make your business successful.

Finding the right people for your team is the most important things. Jim Collins in his book, Good to Great, stated that “to build a successful team you must get the right people on the bus”. Finding the right person with the right attitude, personality and skill is a must. You will waste your resources, money and energy by hiring the wrong people. You can also harm the harmony in your team as one wrong person you hire would hinder the progress of your company, especially for a Startup who has a small team member.

Having the right team could provide different perspectives, feedback, and learning opportunities for you and the other members of the team. Doing so would help your team reevaluate themselves and their understanding of their role and responsibilities within the team. Having the right team could also improve efficiency, productivity and synergy within your workplace which could become beneficial for your business.

Finding The Right Team Member Can Be Challenging

“Finding the right person for your team is like finding a needle in a haystack. ”

When you want to find the right person, you have to dedicate the time and resources to seek long-term success in the future. The right person for your team members has to possess high emotional intelligence and great teamwork traits. Due to the diversity of skills, personalities and attitudes, finding the perfect fit for your team would not be an easy job.

Creating an ideal team is usually not a smooth process. When the team has been assembled, a conflict may occur in your team. Team chemistry is key for your dream team, and there are many factors that can accelerate or hinder your progress towards it.

Different people from different backgrounds have multiple norms and values that may intersect with each other. People with different mindsets can either improve your team by synchronizing the mindsets or disrupt your team performance because your team are busy disagreeing with each other. You can improve your team’s chemistry and overall performance by sharing your and your organization’s vision and culture.

It requires strict screening to find the best people for your team. Below are the steps that you should take to recruit people in accordance with your preference.

4 things to remember before recruiting your team

1. Determine Your Business Challenges First

Every business has its own problems. Knowing the segment of business you’re in and recognize its challenges is the key to creating the right team for the job. Understanding your challenges will help you predict what lies ahead and how to overcome them. It works the same when you are about to hire the people for your team. Knowing your business challenges can help you select people with the right skill, experience, personality or attitude for your team to help you overcome the challenges you will face in the present and in the future.

2. Prioritize Skills/Attitude

Determine what skills/attitude that you believe will help solve your business challenges. Having the right person with the right attitude is a crucial requirement. Determine whether you need someone with technical expertise to get the job done or someone with great communication skill in your long-term team. Attitude also matters in recruiting a person to the team. A likeable person with good work ethics will create cohesion within your team. Balance skills with attitude to your preference.

3. Write a Good Job Description

A detail job description shows how serious you are when you are looking for people to join your team. It can help filter people who do not have the required skills needed for your team. Writing a good job description form the base for the other important processes needed in a later stage such as setting expectations, compensation, training and performance management.

4. Conduct a Good Interview

A good interview process is necessary to get the right person for your team. An interview can help you select a suitable person for your team and for the job. It provides you with an effective way of selecting suitable candidates for your team. Interviews also give you the verification of candidates’ applications, in which you can assess the candidate’s experience, skills, attitudes and personality.


Recruiting the right person for your team is not an easy task. It takes managerial skill, hard work, time and a strict selection process to build your dream team. Getting the right team has a long-term payoff. Remember that investing your business in the right team saves a lot of resources, improve your business quality, and make your business vision comes true.

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